Expected vs. Actual
Comparison of the average, expected amounts with actual amounts based on voting, grouped by medium.

Which formula is used to calculate the results?
Actual amount

The total amount of all broadcasts of a medium. It is a good sign if this value is higher than the expected amount.

Expected amount

The sum of all expected amounts of all broadcasts of a medium. New broadcasts are added to the database at different times. Those broadcasts that have been in the database for a long time have an advantage over recently added broadcasts. To get around this bias, we calculate the number of "impressions" - how often a broadcast was viewed by our users. Based on the impressions, we calculate the expected value according to the following formula:

expected(broadcast) = impressions(broadcast) * average

average = total_amount / total_impressions

Number of broadcasts

The number of all broadcasts of a medium in the database. Obviously, the actual amount and especially the expected amount correlates with this value. If many new broadcasts of a TV or radio station have been added to the database, this value is higher compared to the expected amount.